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Not so digitalised? Let’s Hope So..

Digital world is growing at a faster rate by every moment. Technology is handling most of the complicated processes inside corporates. The prediction now sounds like a promise; in the future, working hours would be short and vacations long. (more…)

Importance of Computer Networks

Importance of computer networks could easily be seen around us as now a days, we take internet for granted. This goes without realising the fact that slowly and gradually our dependency is killing our human skills. We are referring to those skills, which we mastered after an evolution of millions of years. Our past generations tend to memorise and used to find our own way rather than being dependent upon tech and GPS.

Go Anonymous! Free Software to Maintain Your Online Privacy – Tails 2

It’s not something new as it is been around from quite sometime. The Amnesiac Incognito Live System
– Tails for short – is a live Linux operating system and a free software to maintain your online privacy. Tails 2 allows you to boot from a USB memory stick or from a DVD. (more…)

How to copy text from password protected files?

All of us come across different kind of password-protected ebooks, journals and documents etc. This article describes as how to copy text from password protected files as These files are protected by the owner or by whoever created the file. You can access the file but the file does not allow you to make any changes or save the file in open editable format unless you have the password to unlock the file. You must have also tried various softwares to help you out from the situation but most of them proved to be spywares. (more…)

Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Solutions With Excellent Support

Ace Computer is offering Hosted Microsoft Exchange Email Solutions in Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR on a dedicated platform that provides the complete functionality of a Microsoft Exchange server backed by a fully managed support. The support includes issues related to the operating system and server security both. Our expert team will install and configure all necessary components of your Exchange Server. The installation is a security oriented setup and therefore it comes equipped with a hardware-based firewall, comprehensive antivirus technology, and state-of-the-art spam filtering tools. (more…)

Say Goodbye to Heavy Email Attachments

Manage your mailbox by management of your pst or box

Adaptability and evolution are two important tools of our civilization. Our adaptability of the time during adverse conditions was pivot to evolution. Over thousands of year technology has been used to make those adverse conditions – favourable to the growth of humans and leading to stability. The mantra of this age however is recycling, which is not only limited to that of physical matter around us but it also has its very special importance when it comes to technology.

Apple Mac Keyboard Shortcuts – Ignite your workability

The days of memorizing command lines to run programs were gone, with the advent of the first MAC operating system. It became absolutely easy to point the icon or menu through the pointer and double-click the same to open. (more…)

How to Improve Battery Life on Windows 8 Laptop


If you are facing issues with the battery backup on your not so used windows 8.1 laptop, believe us you are not alone. There are lots of other people out there trying to figure out as what could have gone wrong and could this be a manufacturer fault.</h2>

Though no one can rule out the possibility of the faulty battery for which you might ultimately need to take your machine to the service centre and organise replacement of the battery or repair of the fault. However before you jump on the gun, to improve battery life on windows 8 laptop there are few checks that are required to be done to save your time and unnecessary hassle of giving your machine to the service centre. (more…)

7 Myths About Internet Security

A false sense of security prevails while cases of online frauds, data theft prevails and are ever increasing. Did you fall for a false sense of web safety? Guess what, you’re not alone!

The sense of basic falsehood starts from the fact that you have purchased an expensive antivirus and on top of it the antivirus company claimed that the product you are buying will protect you from range of online frauds, data theft, data loss, credit card cheatings etc. You quite safely sit back relaxed along with the fact that you have done the installation of antivirus on your PC. Now since the antivirus is updated, therefore the icon staying at the system bar is doing its job. Question still remains as how to protect yourself from online frauds and credit card frauds. (more…)

Malwarebytes Anti Exploit will stop the worst attacks on PCs

An Anti Exploit which is much awaited by the market is being launched by popular Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes Anti Exploit is promising to seal up the most feared security gaps in our browsers and applications like PDF reader and Microsoft Office.